Menopause Symptoms

Menopause symptoms are difficult to generalize because a normal process of menopause does not exist. The sequences of the symptoms as well as the types of symptoms are different for every woman. Often they are simply interpreted wrong or get related to the stress of everyday life like for example can occur in a women’s´ professional life. Also menopause does not always have to start between the late thirties and mid-forties. The first menopause symptoms may occur in the age 37 to 42 years.

1/3 of all Women do not experience Menopause Symptoms

Approximately one-third of all women do not experience menopause symptoms at all. Consequently, those women don´t even notice that they are in the middle of their climacteric period at all.

However, for the other two-thirds, it looks very different in regard to the course of menopause, as well as their symptoms.
It often starts with the menstrual cycle changing, which is usually 28 days. This then can  vary between  22 and 50 days.

Menopause Symptoms can appear in late forties

For other women, the menopause symptoms appear in their late forties in the form of sudden hot flashes, reflecting the ups and downs from the hormones. Among other things, this is caused by the decreased production of estrogen in the ovaries, which under certain circumstances can lead to an overactive thyroid.  Some women will feel particularly intense hot flashes due to dehydration from a lack of fluid intake.

Emotional changes is Menopause Symptoms

There are also emotional changes, such as irritability and impatience. If a woman does not know the cause of her feelings, it can be difficult to deal with it.

Unfortunately, for some man these emotions are completely unexplainable and therefore the incomprehensible mood swings of women are often misinterpreted. This can often lead to misunderstandings.

Unfortunately, women often times are not aware of the cause of these feeling, so often they explain it with emotional overload of stress or even poor nutrition. It is very common that a lot of women don´t even consider that this is could be caused by the menopause.

A not too unusual side effect of menopause is, next to the cessation of menstruation, the sudden disappearance of some chronic diseases such as migraine.